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See below some of our top FAQs, these include general questions about our services, where we're based and what you can expect at an appointment, as well as specific FAQs for Tattoo Removal and Brow Tattooing.

Don't forget to also take a closer look at our cosmetic tattoo treatments (brows, lips and eyeliner), face enhancements (brows and lashes), waxing and laser hair removal for more information. 

General FAQ's

  1. What services do you offer?

    At The Brow Girl, we offer a range of cosmetic tattooing services including brow, lip, and eyeliner tattooing. Our removal options can help you lighten or remove old tattoos, including emergency removal if needed. Our various brow treatments will help you appear naturally enhanced, while our eyelash treatments will give you natural and infill-free lashes. We also offer specialist waxing services and state-of-the-art laser hair removal that works safely and effectively with ALL skin and hair types, unlike IPL treatments.

    Find information on all of our services here


  2. How do I book an appointment?

    Booking your appointment with us is easy through our online appointment system hosted by The Beauty Den. Simply select your preferred date and time, and we'll take care of the rest! If you need something specific or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  3. What are your operating hours?

    The easiest way to check our operating hours is through our online booking system, which is tailored to the specific treatment you're interested in. For additional information, you can also refer to the "Meet the Team" page to see when our technicians are available.


  4. How long will my appointment take?

    The length of your appointment will depend on the specific treatment you are booking. However, the expected duration of each treatment will be clearly communicated to you at the time of booking, so you can prepare accordingly. We understand that your time is valuable, and we always strive to be efficient while also providing high-quality service. If you have any questions about the length of your appointment, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


  5. How do I prepare for my appointment?

    We want to make sure you have the best possible experience when you visit The Brow Girl, so we recommend preparing for your appointment by completing the health questionnaire we send to you prior to your appointment. This will help us understand your health and any potential concerns you may have before your treatment. If possible, please arrive with clean, makeup-free skin if applicable to your treatment, and wear comfortable clothing that will not interfere with the treatment. Your therapist will also provide any specific preparation instructions for your particular treatment when you book, so you can be fully prepared and relaxed for your appointment.


  6. What are the costs of your services?

    The costs of our services vary depending on the specific treatment that you are interested in. You can find the costs for each treatment listed on the individual treatment pages on our website, as well as through our online booking system. This way, you can easily see the exact cost of the treatment you're interested in before booking your appointment. We strive to offer competitive pricing for all of our services while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.


  7. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept both cash and card payments at your appointment, and we also offer the option to pay with Klarna. With Klarna, you can spread the cost of your purchase into three interest-free instalments, as long as each payment is made on time. The first payment is made when you complete the purchase, and the remaining instalments are scheduled automatically every 30 days. This option is available for all our treatments and items on our online shop, which you can view here.


  8. What is your cancellation policy?

    Our cancellation policies are as follows: 

    Cosmetic Tattooing Policy

    The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby) requires 48 hours notice in order to reschedule an appointment or the non-refundable booking fee will be kept and another will be required to secure a new appointment. You can only reschedule an appointment once with a 48 hours notice or another non-refundable booking fee will be required.

    If you cancel an appointment the booking fee is non-refundable.

    If you do not show up to an appointment 50% of the treatment cost is to be paid to 'The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby), an invoice will be sent to your phone/ email and needs to be payable within 7 days.

    All other treatments

    The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby) requires 24 hours notice in order to reschedule an appointment. We realise that there are extenuating circumstances but we urge our clients to follow this. After this will be regarded as a Late Cancellation and I follow a 'three strikes' policy with this.

    After this you will have to pay for your future booking in advance to secure your appointment, and will be kept if this is again not followed.

    If you do not show up to an appointment 50% of the treatment cost is to be paid to 'The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby), an invoice will be sent to your phone/ email and needs to be payable within 7 days.


  9. How often should I book my maintenance appointments?

    The frequency of maintenance appointments will vary depending on the specific treatment you have received. Our technicians will always advise you on the recommended time between appointments at the end of your initial appointment. You will also have the opportunity to book a follow-up appointment before leaving the salon. We recommend that you keep up with your maintenance appointments to ensure the best results from your treatment.


  10. Do you have any specials or promotions?

    The best way to stay up-to-date on our latest offers and newest treatments is by following our Instagram page,  where we regularly post updates and any promotions that may be running. Be sure to check back often to see what's new.


  11. What products do you use in your treatments?

    We use a range of high-quality products in our treatments, with each treatment having its own specific products. We encourage you to check out the individual treatment page to see what products will be used. If you have any concerns about sensitivity or allergies, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We always recommend filling out the health questionnaire prior to your appointment, as this will help us discuss and be aware of any allergies or health concerns before starting the treatment. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, so we take great care in selecting and using products that are safe and effective for you.


  12. What qualifications and experience do your technicians have?

    We pride ourselves on having highly qualified and experienced technicians. You can find all the information about our technicians' qualifications and experience on our Meet the Team page on our website. We ensure that all of our staff are fully trained and certified in their respective fields to provide the best possible service to our clients.


  13. Are your treatments safe for pregnant women?

    We prioritise the health and safety of our clients, especially expectant mothers. Since each treatment has its own unique considerations and risks, we recommend discussing your options with us on a treatment-by-treatment basis. Please let us know which specific treatment you are interested in, and we can advise you on the best course of action to ensure your safety and comfort. Feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


  14. What aftercare advice should I follow after my treatment?

    Aftercare is a crucial part of any treatment, and your technician will provide you with clear instructions on what to do after your treatment to ensure the best possible results. They may also provide you with serums or creams that are specifically designed to help your skin heal and look its best. It's important to follow these instructions carefully to avoid any complications or delays in the healing process. If you have any questions or concerns about the aftercare process, don't hesitate to ask your technician for more information.


  15. Can I speak to someone before booking?

    Of course! Please get in touch via the details at the bottom of this page. We look forward to speaking to you soon. 

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ's

  1. How does laser tattoo removal work?

    When you get a tattoo, ink is injected into the dermis. In the days following, you may notice the tattoo naturally fades as a result of ink escaping through the surface of the skin, or being cleared away by the body's natural response to a foreign substance. The final tattoo is made up of ink pigment which is too deep to have escaped through the surface of the skin, and too large to have been removed by the body.

    Laser tattoo removal selectively targets tattoo ink with light energy in the form of a laser. The beam breaks down large particles of ink into smaller ink particles, that can be more easily cleared away by the body's immune system.

  2. When to Strike?

    We have to allow 6 months for the ink to heal in the skin when targeting a tattoo on the body. We allow 2 months for cosmetic tattoos to heal in the skin. We have to allow enough time for the tissue to repair and recover before performing such an invasive procedure to avoid scarring and further trauma.

  3. UV Exposure

    One of the most important factors when preparing for a procedure is to ensure that you do not have an active tan. You must confirm that you have not been exposed to UV (Sun/Sun Beds) for 30 days. The production of melanin in the skin can cause scarring when exposed to the laser. You must also not be exposed to UV for 30 days after their procedure. (It can be covered if desired.)

  4. Can a tattoo be removed completely?

    Yes, complete tattoo removal is possible. The amount of sessions required will of course differ from client to client.

  5. How many sessions are required?

    It completely depends on the clients skin tissue and anatomy, the tattoo itself and the machine used. At The Brow Girl, we use an advanced Class 4 Medical Grade Picosecond system which will achieve the desired results in less sessions in comparison to alternative systems.

  6. Can you remove Cosmetic Tattoos on the face?

    Yes absolutely!

  7. Does the procedure hurt?

    Pain varies from client to client. Our Picosecond system has a very short pulse and is much less painful in comparison to alternative systems.

  8. Can I have this done while pregnant and/or nursing?
    No, you cannot.

  9. I have a previous brow tattoo, do I need this removing prior to getting my brows done with you?

    The answer is, possibly! I can not answer for sure without a consultation first. Seeing your brows in person as well as working out what you're looking to achieve as well as expectations. There are lots of variables here, but it is not always necessary to have complete removal prior.

  10. What is the difference between body and PMU tattoos?

    Body Tattoos are deeper in the 4th layer of skin, and Cosmetic Tattoos are superficial (supposedly) in the 2nd layer of skin. It isn't the laser beam hitting the skin that causes discomfort, it is the shattering of the ink. Removing body tattoos are more painful due to the depth of the ink, and cosmetic tattoos are less uncomfortable. Of course, due to the depth of the ink, it will take more sessions of removal to expel body tattoos, and less for cosmetic tattoos.

Which Services Do We Provide?

Pixel and Powder Brows:

Soft pixels of colour throughout the brow works well on ALL skin types. These types of brows offer diverse styles that can be created transparent for super-soft mist results or layered and built up, for an ombre 'makeup' look. These treatments last 2 - 4 years.

Combination Brows:

A mixture of shading and hairstrokes to create more depth to a natural brow. Fluff in the front, a sharper more defined brow at the back. Tailored to each client Can last 2-3 years.

Hyper Realism Brows:

Apply 'Hairstroke' type brows, to add extra fluffiness. Can work on all skin types, but best on normal to dry. Creates a hyper-realistic hairstroke effect, that can seamlessly blend in with your brow hair or without any hair too. Can be fluffier or or more sculpted depending on your desired look.

What To Expect While The Brows are Healing?

Your brows will appear a lot darker and more intense than what they will look like once healed. Over the first few days, they will be at their darkest. They might scab and flake, which is completely normal. While they heal, this will fade to reveal a much lighter colour. Please keep in mind that everyone’s skin will heal differently! The true colour of the tattoo will not be revealed until after 4x weeks. The touch-up is then completed at 6x weeks, to perfect any areas that need some extra attention.

Who is NOT Eligible For This Treatment?

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are unable to get this treatment.

  • Diabetics should seek a doctor’s recommendation beforehand. This is because the healing will take longer, with a higher risk of infection possible.

  • Those on blood-thinning medication should not receive this treatment. This includes aspirin, treatment of high blood pressure, pain relief (Ibuprofen), Niacin, Vitamin E, Advil. Please receive advice from your doctor before discontinuing any medication.

  • If you suffer from acne, open wounds on the face or other infections on the brows, it is strongly advised to not get this treatment done. This is because the chance of spreading the infection is higher with these clients.

  • If you suffer from keloid scarring, it is strongly recommended that you don't receive Microblading. There is the possibility of doing a test patch, during a consultation, in order to assess your healing if this applies to you. Alternatively, Ombré Brows can be done as this cosmetic tattoo is less damaging to the skin and has a quicker healing time.

  • If you have taken Accutane in the past year, you are unable to get this treatment.

  • Those who are allergic to lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine or epinephrine will need a doctor’s note. You will need to supply your own numbing cream.

  • Anyone who has any serious medical conditions will require a doctor’s note.

Policies for Booking Fees, No Shows and Late Cancellations etc

For Cosmetic Tattoo Skin Tests & Consultations, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule, after this or (for a no show) a fee of £10 will be paid to 'The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby). This appointment can only be moved once and the same policy applies. If the same happens again, no more consultations will be able to be accommodated.

'The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby) requires a non-refundable booking fee at the time of making a booking to secure an appointment for all cosmetic tattooing treatments.

'The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby) requires 48 hours notice in order to reschedule a cosmetic tattooing appointment or the non-refundable booking fee will be kept and another will be required to secure a new appointment. You can only reschedule an appointment once with a 48 hours notice or another non-refundable booking fee will be required.

If you cancel an appointment for any reason the booking fee is still non-refundable.

If you do not show up to an appointment, 100% of the treatment cost is to be paid to 'The Brow Girl' (Alex Greasby), an invoice will be sent to your email and needs to be payable within 7 days.

If you do not pay and walk out of the appointment after receiving treatment, the full amount will be claimed for at court and the police will be notified.

A perfecting session appointment must be taken within 1 - 3 months of your first appointment, if not an extra charge can occur. You can only reschedule the second application appointment once or you will loose the appointment.

Sometimes a third application is needed due to skin type this will be charged at an additional cost of £50, this must be done around the 6 week mark, post last session.

A colour boost appointment is to be expected between 6 - 18 months from your original new treatment date - ultimately dependent on skin type, colour of pigment implanted, environmental factors, UV exposure and medical grade skin treatments etc. All colour boost pricing is split into different price brackets depending on length of time.

Payment is accepted by debit, credit cards or cash. Cheques are not accepted.

Refunds will not be given prior or post procedure.

Late arrivals to an appointment more than 15 minutes may result in rescheduling your treatment due to Alex's busy schedule with a new booking fee.

Does it hurt?

A topical numbing cream is used before and during the process in order to reduce irritation and swelling. People's pain tolerances are all different, so please keep this in mind!

Please do not take asprin, naproxin, ibuprofen prior to treatment as a precaution, pain is minimal and this will effect the tattoo outcome.

What is the Process?

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing involves a full consultation, tattoo & aftercare. This is a two-part process, with an additional touch-up tattoo being required between 6-12 weeks to fill in and perfect any areas where the pigment may have faded. This touch-up is not included within the price. Payment for treatments can therefore be done over three payments- booking fee, initial session and second session to help with justifying a bigger purchase. It must be completed within 12 weeks post initial treatment, otherwise, additional charges will apply.

Depending on how you follow the aftercare recommendations, along with your skin type and lifestyle choices, the tattoo will last between 12-36 months.

It is recommended that you maintain your eyebrow tattoo with yearly touch-ups. Please remember that a cosmetic brow tattoo will still require waxing / plucking maintenance. If you have blonde hair and have them tattooed darker then your natural brow hair colour, you will also need to continue getting them tinted or hennaed.

You're Too Expensive, I Found Someone Cheaper.

Permanent makeup is an extremely meticulous permanent cosmetic procedure and cosmetic tattooing costs vary from artist to artist. Remember, this is your face and the procedure is permanent.  When looking for a permanent makeup artist, do not nickel and dime your face.


Cosmetic tattooing in the UK is not regulated, therefore anyone can do it. Please research local makeup tattoo artists look at their healed work before you book an appointment. Paying less upfront might end up costing a lot more in the long run to fix.


Please don't ask us what offers we do - we're not that kind of establishment and our treatments speak for themselves. Sir Bruce Keogh, wrote a report some years ago, on the importance of not incentivising a medical treatment. He wisely decreed, that the decision to do so, was a crucially important one, that it needed reflection, consideration & an in-depth consultation with a professional.


You shouldn't be enticed, to get your face tattooed. This is your face and body. You're precious, so look after them!

You need to be the right candidate with realistic

expectations, you need to know what you're getting into.

You need a professional, to sit down & explain a bespoke treatment plan for you, without pushing you. You need someone not practicing on the sly during a pandemic. Only after this, should you go ahead with anything, if you feel it's right for you and your expectations are realistic.

So no. We don't do offers. We're experienced / accredited, cosmetic consultants and have permanent locations for accountability and attend multiple courses every year to stay on top of our game. Businesses aren't charities.

Brow Tattoo FAQ's

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