Beauty Spots & Freckles

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Beauty Spot or Heart Freckle


Want a Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford or Eva Mendes inspired beauty spot? Then a beauty spot tattoo is a great option for longevity and naturalness. You can have a completely fresh one or work over an existing freckle.

Or, if you're wanting something a little different, a cute heart freckle, somewhere on your body :) Have a completely fresh one or adapt an existing freckle.

These are a perfect add on to other SPMU treatments including:



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Nose or Face Freckles


Tailored freckles speckled over your face or nose for that natural fresh faced and sun-kissed look. Freckles will be pre-mapped out before going in to tattoo and can be completely new or give definition to current freckles, you decide.

Natural enhancements always, with a bespoke tailoring for each client, we can even add in 'star constellations' during the mapping process for that extra special meaning.

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