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Eyebrow Tattooing

Brow Tattoos: Which Type is Best for Me?

You might already have a vision for your ideal brow tattoo, but choosing the right specialist is just as crucial.  Not only is it about choosing the right style and artistry but also the assurance of quality and safety.

The Brow Girl sets a new standard in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing: we focus on the principal that one shape, one technique and one style does not fit all. You're the canvas: we help you create natural brow enhancements, that bring out the best version of you! 

Let's journey together to discover and achieve your dream eyebrows!


We'll guide you, considering aspects like your skin type, colour, existing brows, lifestyle, activity levels, skincare regimen, and age. With this comprehensive understanding, we're excited to design the perfect brow plan just for you!

The best way to start your brow journey is to book a Cosmetic Tattoo Skin Test & Consultation (£20 paid at the time of booking). If you decide to go ahead, the £20 will be deducted from your initial session. If we decide not to, this will be refunded post consultation.

My pricing is per session with 2x sessions needed to achieve perfection, with the desired saturation levels. The 2nd session should be completed within 6-12 weeks after the 1st session.

Book a brow treatment or a consultation - treat yourself!


Have questions that need answering? Visit our FAQ's.

Not quite ready for the commitment? Need to know more? Visit my Brow Treatments page to check out services including brow lamination, hybrid brows and henna brows.

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Hyper Realism Brows 

£275 1st session, £100 second session

The latest advancement in eyebrow tattooing, the "hyper-realism" technique creates the appearance of super-realistic fluffy brows, which are currently the trend amongst women who choose brow tattooing treatment.

Hyper-Realism Brow tattooing uses a specialised technique, mastered by only a handful of Artists worldwide, to create overlapping hairs, rather than individual hair-strokes. It also mimics the natural wave of the hairs, with hairs tattooed in different directions creating a fluffier brow, rather than the straighter, tidier style of the hairstroke brow. Suitable for almost ALL skin types, Hyper-Realism Brow Tattooing will give you beautifully ‘realistic’ looking fluffy brows, for up to 2 years depending on the intensity of application. This is a great option that mimics the natural curve and flow of real eye-brow hair, blending seamlessly with the natural eyebrow hair you have – whether that is loss of hair or none at all!

Combination Brows

£250 first session, £100 second session

Combination Brows (a combination of hair-strokes and Ombré shading) looks delicate, soft and natural at the front, with more colour and definition toward the middle and the tail.

Best of both in one!

Each combination brow is tailored to the client; more hair-strokes can be added if desired or we can keep it with just hairstrokes at the front and either a pixel effect or powder effect towards the tail- whatever works for your style of brow!. This treatment can last upwards of 2 years, depending on the levels of shading, but an annual colour boost will be recommended to keep everything as enhanced as possible.

pixel brow tattoo baldock hertfordshire

Pixel Brows

£250 1st session, £100 2nd session

If you want a brow tattoo lasts a little longer, yet is soft and pixelated, opt for a Pixel brow. This treatment is delivered via a tattoo machine and gives a ’tint’ effect across the whole brow. It is perfect for people with little or no real hair, when brows are become patchy and need more colour. The Pixel Brow can be much softer, providing a perfect natural looking background, for eyebrow hair.


Pixel Brows can last 1-2 years, depending on several factors. Colour boosts are still recommended, but not as often in between sessions. These are suitable for ALL skin types, with less risk of scarring, compared to microblading.

Powder Brows

£250 first session, £100 second session

Powder brows provide much more pigment and are for people who like an obvious, defined brow-line. Our brow tattooing treatment offers the perfect colour and shape that compliments the most naturally-tattooed effect. This technique can last 2 - 3 years, depending on several facts, although colour boosts are still recommended, with longer in-between-session treatments still achievable.


Powder brows are also suitable for ALL skin types, with a reduced risk of scarring, compared to microblading. Powder brows are particularly great for clients with oily skin or previous brow tattoos that they do not want lightened.

brow tattooing baldock hitchin hertfordshire

Correction Work

Although I do not have a specific bookable treatment for correction work, if you have previous pigment in the skin, then read on. Depending on the darkness, shape and texture of your eyebrows, our treatment can help you achieve the best looking eyebrows for your budget and exceed your expectations.


Correction work, depending on factors such as current saturation in the brow, the colour and the shape, will then dictate the routes available to yourself. For 'most' clients with previous work at least one laser lightening session would be recommended, if not more, to ensure that my work is best it can be long term. Sometimes, if the work is either not too saturated or uneven, it could be workable straight away depending on desired brow outcome. 


For some correction work clients there is the potential for more than one top-up session being required, at a separate fee. It is recommended to contact us directly or book a consultation, to discuss which brow tattooing correction option is best for you and what the work will entail. 


Microblading is done with a tool, using hand-strokes that shape the brow and mimic natural hair. With new advancements in technology and my goal to provide the safest, most appropriate and longest-lasting results, I have replaced microblading with hyper-realism brows, offering the highest standard of tattooing.


Although microblading was once the standard of cosmetic tattooing, it only suits the tattooing needs of a very select clientele. Unfortunately, microblading fades the quickest and is potentially the most uneven type of treatment from all of the cosmetic tattooing procedures any eye-brow artist offers. So, if you are interested in microblading, hyper-realism brows is the treatment for you!

Hyper realism brows microblading Baldock Hertfordshire
gender affirming brows

Gender Affirming Brows

Beauty and brows are for everyone and that includes brow tattooing! All of my tattoo services are for every being (as long as there are no medical contraindications) and are always catered to you.


Sleek, fluffy, full, thick, thin, tidy or messy, I create every brow dependent on the look you are wanting to achieve. Working with what will look best now, and obviously long term. 

Hyper realism are a great fit for many clients wanting gender affirming brows due to flexibility in 'stroke patterns' and being able to naturally enhance what you have to what you want. However, I do not speak for every client, and once again, it is not a one size fits all process. 


Sometimes, there are other great temporary brow enhancement options that you can try to suit any style, including brow lamination, hybrid brow, and even just a great brow shape to set you up! It is recommended to contact us directly or book a consultation, to discuss which brow tattooing option is best for you and what the work will entail. 

Brow and Lip Tattoo Package

£375 1st session, £200 second session

Save up to £125 when you book for both brows and lip tattooing together regardless of the particular technique we opt for!

Wether it's HD Lips or Sheer Lips alongside HRBrows, combination, pixel brows or powder brows, we will completely curate the treatment for you to give you optimal results. 

Book in for a Consultation to get started!

Please note, treatments must be booked under the package for the same day and must be done on the same client, this can not be shared between two parties.

Brow and Lip tattoo baldock hertfordshire

Brow Tattooing Complimentary Services

I offer lip tattooing including both sheer lips and HD lips to suit your lip-colour needs. A perfect complimentary treatment with brows that enhances that "wake-up without make-up" look!

Or, fancy a little added beauty spot or heart freckle with your new treatment? Always natural, individual and unique.

Lash Line Eyeliner is a perfect natural addition to your 'wake up and go look, check it out here!

Permanent makeup

Find examples of our work and different techniques used, below and on our Instagram feed - @_thebrowgirl_

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