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Colour Boosts

Only available to clients who have already been tattooed by Alex or Evie in the same area

Hairstroke Brows Baldock Hertfordshire

Permanent make-up colour boosts are available as a periodic service for the following tattooing treatments for those who have been previously tattooed by Alex or Evie in that area:

After your two initial tattoo treatments have been completed, ongoing colour boosts can be purchased separately, as and when required and are priced differently.


Based on your skin type, desired saturation level, aftercare or lifestyle, you may need another application in shorter succession than others, to achieve optimum results. These are bookable under the 'Colour Boost Perfecting Session (2 months)'.

For new clients, please head to either Brow Tattooing , Lip Tattooing or Eyeliner Tattooing for pricing and details.​

When do I need a Tattoo Colour Boost?

Unlike a traditional tattoo that uses ink, an SPMU (semi-permanent make-up) tattoo pigment doesn’t go as deep into the skin of the face, due to the colour blurring and loss of definition.

For your initial procedure of SPMU, two treatments are required six weeks apart, in order for the pigmentation to work and to give you the perfect, finished look.

Your SPMU colour boost only requires a single treatment to restore the freshness of the initial application and keep your brows, lips and liner looking naturally beautiful and as effortlessly elegant as possible.

Depending on how the pigment has settled into your skin, you will probably be ready for a semi-permanent makeup colour boost, between every 12 to 24 months, in order to maintain the colour and definition. As a general rule, when your lip, eyeliner or brow tattoo is approx 50% faded, you will be at the optimal point for a colour boost.


If you need further information or would like to discuss your options, please send me a message.

Brow Tattoo Baldock Hertfordshire
Realistic Brow Tattoo Baldock Hertfordshire

Colour Boost Pricing

Colour Boost Perfecting Session - Before 2 months - £50

Colour Boost - up to 4 months - £75

Colour Boost - 4 - 8 months - £100

Colour Boost - 8 - 14 months - £150

Colour Boost - 14 - 18 months - £175

Colour Boost - 18 months+ £200

Please note for Eyeliner, this comes with a 20% deduction on all colour boost pricing (please message if you would like to pay via Klarna for this).

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