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Lash Treatments

Lash Lift and Tint Baldock Hertfordshire

Lash Lifts

Eleanor - £40

An eyelash lift is ideal for those looking for a more natural look, compared to eyelash extensions, which need constant maintenance. A lash lift 'lifts' and enhances your natural lashes from the root, giving a longer, thicker appearance.

With lash lifts, you can just wake up and go, without worrying about applying mascara - perfect for on-the-go women, working mums and last-minute lash care.

Lash Lift treatment lasts between 6 to 8 weeks, which matches your natural lash cycle and growth.

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Lash Tint

Alex - £15

Eleanor - £12

If you want to enhance your lashes quickly, and in the most natural way, a lash tint is perfect for you. This treatment is great for blonde clients and those with very fair lashes and doesn't change the overall integrity of your lashes.

A professionally-applied lash tint will give them a darker fuller, makeup free look!

Treat yourself with a lash tint and book an appointment today.

 For home treatments regarding lashes, I also offer: 


Lash Lift and Tint Baldock Hertfordshire
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