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Emergency Tattoo Removal

Designed to address unforeseen circumstances or urgent situations, our emergency tattoo removal service offers a swift and effective solution for various tattoo types, including brow tattoos, lip tattoos, tattooed beauty spots, freckles, and body tattoos.

Emergency Tattoo Removal Hertfordshire

This advanced machine excels at breaking down tattoo particles into smaller fragments, significantly minimising trauma to the skin. This innovative approach expels ink faster, resulting in a reduction in the number of procedures required for our clients.

Understanding that each tattoo removal journey is unique, we acknowledge that several sessions are often necessary to remove a tattoo completely. The number of sessions required is influenced by factors such as the intensity and depth of the coloured skin (pigment) and its saturation (density).

Book an emergency laser tattoo appointment?

How does emergency tattoo removal work?

Emergency tattoo removal can be used on both regular tattoos or permanent makeup, but it must be initiated within 48 hours of the original treatment. Unlike regular removal sessions that involve machines, emergency removals capitalise on the 'open' nature of the skin immediately post-treatment. A saline solution is delicately applied to the area which promotes scabbing and lifting within a few days.


While there's no guarantee on the extent of pigment removal, emergency procedures are generally highly effective, often surpassing the results of standard removal sessions. 


The urgency of the timeframe contributes to a premium price, reflecting the need for immediate availability. If online appointment scheduling proves challenging, please contact me to ensure an appointment before the cutoff period.

Emergency Tattoo Removal

Why an Emergency Tattoo Removal?

While traditional tattoo removal is a gradual process requiring multiple sessions over an extended period, certain situations may demand immediate action. Emergency tattoo removal becomes essential in scenarios such as:


  • Allergic Reactions: Swift removal is crucial if an individual develops an allergic reaction to tattoo ink, preventing further complications like severe itching, swelling, or hives.

  • Infection Risk: In cases of tattoo infection, especially with signs of systemic infection like fever, quick removal becomes vital to address the associated health risks.

  • Unintended Offensive Content: Individuals realising their tattoo bears offensive or inappropriate content may seek emergency removal to mitigate personal or professional consequences.

  • Accidental or Unintended Tattoos: Emergency removal is sought when tattoos are received by mistake or under duress, aiming to erase tattoos applied without proper consent or in non-consensual situations.

  • Immediate Regret: Some individuals experience immediate regret after getting a tattoo, driving them to seek expedited removal to resolve emotional distress.

  • Complications During Tattoo Application: Emergency removal may be considered if complications arise during the tattooing process, such as errors by the tattoo artist or adverse reactions to ink, addressing issues promptly.


It's crucial to note that emergency tattoo removal poses unique challenges, and options for immediate removal may be limited.

Why Saline removal?

As a specific method within emergency tattoo removal, the saline approach involves tattooing a sterile saline solution into the pigmented area. This formula induces osmosis, where the salts in the liquid draw out water from the skin, facilitating the removal of pigment molecules constituting the tattoo. Following the saline treatment, the skin gradually reverts to its natural state over the course of several weeks.

Emergency Tattoo Removal Baldock

Emergency Laser Tattoo Removal - What to expect?

Embarking on your emergency tattoo removal journey with The Brow Girl is a straightforward and safe process. Here's a guide on what to expect when you book our tattoo removal service in Baldock, Hertfordshire:

Tattoo Removal



Your journey begins with a thorough consultation, a crucial step for both first-timers and those familiar with laser tattoo removal. During this session, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your preferences, whether you want the entire tattoo removed or just a part of it. Our team is here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Together, we'll devise a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.



Prior to the actual treatment, a patch test will be conducted to ensure your safety. This step helps identify and prevent allergic reactions or extreme side effects. Assuming the patch test proceeds smoothly, our experienced team will initiate your laser tattoo removal treatment. While some clients report slight discomfort, often likened to the sensation of getting a tattoo, rest assured that the process is both manageable and safe. With each session, you'll observe a gradual reduction in the visibility of your tattoo.

Our Prices

Emergency Tattoo Removal: £120

If you’re struggling to find an appointment within the 48hour window, please contact us directly.

Emergency Tattoo Removal FAQs

  1. How soon can I secure an emergency tattoo removal appointment?
    At The Brow Girl, we recognise the time-sensitive nature of emergency tattoo removal. Reach out to our salon directly, and we'll strive to arrange your appointment at the earliest possible slot. Keep in mind that emergency tattoo removal is limited to the first 48 hours post the original tattoo application, so consider this timeframe when seeking an appointment. We apply a premium charge for emergency bookings and are committed to accommodating you, even if our schedule is currently full.

  2. Can all types of tattoos be removed in an emergency session?
    Emergency tattoo removal at The Brow Girl is effective for various tattoo types, including brow tattoos, lip tattoos, beauty spots, freckles, and body tattoos. During your consultation, we'll discuss the specifics of your tattoo for personalised advice.

  3. How soon can I expect to see results after emergency tattoo removal?
    Results vary, but changes may be noticeable after the initial session, and after the scabs have formed in a couple of days time. Complete removal often requires multiple sessions, and our experienced team will provide a realistic timeline during your consultation.

  4. Are there any risks associated with emergency tattoo removal?
    While rare, potential risks like redness, swelling, or changes in skin colour can occur. Our qualified technicians prioritise safety and will discuss potential risks during your consultation to ensure you're well-informed.

  5. Can emergency tattoo removal completely erase a tattoo in one session?
    Complete removal in a single session is challenging, and follow-up sessions are typically necessary. The number of sessions depends on factors such as tattoo size, colours, and individual skin response.

  6. Can emergency tattoo removal cause scarring?
    While scarring is rare, it's crucial to follow the aftercare instructions provided by our practitioners. Proper care helps minimise potential side effects and ensures the best possible outcome.

  7. Can I undergo emergency tattoo removal if I've had the tattoo for a long time?
    No, emergency tattoo removals can only be done in a 48 hour window after the original tattoo. You could book either a laser or saline standard removal with us.

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