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PAYING WITH KLARNA, PAYPAL CREDIT ETC COMES WITH A 5% SURCHARGE WHICH IS ADDED ON. This is because of the massive amount of money taken by these companies to offer this service. If you would like a slightly cheaper option, paying by card or cash is always best in house!


Because this is a physical service, select 'collect at Den' to ensure free shipping is added. Obviously there is nothing to be shipped, so then please follow these next steps:


Simply add the treatments you wish to purchase to your cart. Proceed to checkout and selection Klarna as your payment option. Fill in your credit/debit card details and pay your first instalment.​



Once you have completed the purchase head over to the 'Book Appointment' part of the website which will redirect you to our booking app 'SalonIQ' and select a date you wish to have your treatment done and book!



Combination Brows (a combination of hair-strokes and Ombré shading) looks delicate, soft and natural at the front, with more colour and definition toward the middle and the tail.


Best of both in one!


Each combination brow is tailored to the client; more hair-strokes can be added if desired or we can keep it bold like the lady on the right. This treatment can last upwards of 2 years, depending on the levels of shading, but an annual colour boost will be recommended to keep the hair strokes looking as crisp and as attractive as possible.

Combination Brows

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