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*PLEASE NOTE* Because this is a physical service, select 'collect at Den' to ensure free shipping is added. Obviously there is nothing to be shipped, so then please follow these next steps:


Simply add the treatments you wish to purchase to your cart. Proceed to checkout and selection Klarna as your payment option. Fill in your credit/debit card details and pay your first instalment.

Once you have completed the purchase head over to the 'Book Appointment' part of the website which will redirect you to our booking app 'SalonIQ' and select a date you wish to have your treatment done and book! 



Typically, several sessions are required to completely remove a tattoo, or at the very least lighten the skin the point of affective covering. The amount of sessions will depend on the colours, depth of pigment and saturation (how dense it is). 

For this reason I offer courses of three, each spaced 8 weeks apart from one another. This does not guarantee full removal of your tattoo and you may still need more sessions. Purchasing a group of 3x removal sessions is affordable at a discounted price, as opposed to purchasing 3x individual sessions.

Course of 3 Removal Sessions

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