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PAYING WITH KLARNA, PAYPAL CREDIT ETC FOMES WITH A 5% SURCHARGE WHICH IS ADDED ON. This is because of the massive amount of money taken by these companies to offer this service. If you would like a slightly cheaper option, paying by card or cash is always best in house!

Because this is a physical service, select 'collect at Den' to ensure free shipping is added. Obviously there is nothing to be shipped, so then please follow these next steps:


Simply add the treatments you wish to purchase to your cart. Proceed to checkout and selection Klarna as your payment option. Fill in your credit/debit card details and pay your first instalment.​


Once you have completed the purchase head over to the 'Book Appointment' part of the website which will redirect you to our booking app 'SalonIQ' and select a date you wish to have your treatment done and book!


The latest advancement in eyebrow tattooing, the "hyper-realism" technique creates the appearance of super-realistic fluffy brows, which are currently the trend amongst women who choose brow tattooing treatment.

Hyper-Realism Brow tattooing uses a specialised technique, mastered by only a handful of Artists worldwide, to create overlapping hairs, rather than individual hair-strokes. It also mimics the natural wave of the hairs, with hairs tattooed in different directions creating a fluffier brow, rather than the straighter, tidier style of the hairstroke brow.


Suitable for almost ALL skin types, Hyper-Realism Brow Tattooing will give you beautifully ‘realistic’ looking fluffy brows, for up to 2 years depending on the intensity of application. This is a great option that mimics the natural curve and flow of real eye-brow hair, blending seamlessly with the natural eyebrow hair you have – whether that is loss of hair or none at all!

Hyper Realism Brows

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